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Orion is an innovative European R&D-based pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company employing more than 3,000 people in different countries. Our emphasis is on developing medicinal treatments and diagnostic tests for global markets. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as diagnostic tests.

Orion has sales companies and representative offices in more than 20 countries in Europe as well as in India and China. The company's head office is established in Espoo, Finland.

In countries where we do not have our own sales organisation, our partners play a key role in the sale and marketing of the company's products. These important markets include the United States and the Latin American countries. Collaboration is carried out widely also in the field of R&D in which Orion has built an international network of partners around its core therapy areas.

To find out more about Orion, visit our main corporate website.